Bergeron Wellness Center

The vision of the Bergeron Wellness Center is to provide confidential care for the bodies, minds, and spirits of our diverse students in support of their lifelong wellbeing. We welcome all of our students in to obtain the care that will support their lives on campus and beyond.

To that end, we have nurse practitioners and mental health clinicians available at the center each weekday to provide support. We are fully handicapped accessible and also have translation services for students as needed.  Our mental health clinicians and nurse practitioners can assist students in obtaining appointments off campus with local medical providers, specialists, or counseling as needed.

The UVM Medical Center Urgent Care Walk-in Clinic is within close walking distance, while the UVM Medical Center and its emergency room are a short drive from campus into Burlington.

If there is a medical, mental health or substance use crisis situation that needs immediate assistance, call the SMC switchboard at (802) 654-2000 and let them know what is happening.  They will assist you.

Additional crisis resources available 24-hours a day are:
Any medical or mental health emergency: 911 medical/988 mental health
Howard Center First Call for Chittenden County: (802) 488-7777
Vermont Crisis Text Line: Text “VT” to 741741
Ulifeline: (800) 273-TALK (8255)


We have launched a new mental health service called TalkCampus. It’s a free-to-download app where you can talk with other students from around the world if you’re struggling and worried about your mental health. Your student email address will give you free access, just download TalkCampus from the app stores.

TalkCampus is anonymous, it isn’t run by us and we won’t be able to see if you are using it, you also won’t be able to see where other students are from. TalkCampus is based around peer support; you can use it if you need some help yourself or you can go on there and listen and support others.

The platform is safe and moderated and is designed as a place where you can just be yourself and talk about how you’re really feeling. Student life can be tough and we know sometimes you might not want to talk to us about how you’re feeling. TalkCampus isn’t a replacement for counseling or professional support however it is a great place to start talking and to make sure that however you’re feeling right now you’re not alone.

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