Peace Corps Prep


Peace Corps Prep is a certificate program for students who want to prepare themselves for global work and international service, and who might want to apply to become a Peace Corps volunteer following graduation. The program guides students to hone their college courses and experiences toward sector-specific skills, intercultural competence, foreign language skills and professional development and leadership. For examples of the different choices, see these guidelines.

The Peace Corps attracts students with liberal education backgrounds and strong leadership skills who wish to make a difference in the lives of other people overseas, while increasing their appreciation of the world beyond the United States. Saint Michael’s is one of the few small liberal arts colleges to offer a Peace Corps Prep program.

The curriculum allows students flexibility in pursuing academic and co-curricular experiences common to a Saint Michael’s undergraduate education. Courses and activities are designed to span a student’s entire college career, so the earlier a student can apply, the easier it will be to design a program that fits the student’s interests.

To apply, students should consult with the College Peace Corps Prep coordinator Allison Cleary (, Durick Library 206) and submit their application to her.