Support the Center for Global Engagement

Your support for the Center for Global Engagement will create incredible opportunities for members of the Saint Michael’s community to become informed, active and effective global citizens and life-long learners in an increasingly inter-connected world.

Financial Gifts

A gift of any size to the Center for Global Engagement will be used to support our many programs including:

  • International Internships: Offset costs involved with our eight-week Global Citizenship International Internship Program, including our summer placements in Seoul, South Korea. These internships provide Saint Michael’s students with professional workplace experiences and expand their development as global citizens with inter-cultural competency skills. Students return from these internships well prepared for leadership and employment opportunities in an increasingly interconnected global economy.
  • Short Term Academic Study Trips: Allow students to better afford two-week international academic study trips led by Saint Michael’s faculty. These trips usually occur over winter break and in May, and have recently included Wales, South Africa, Guyana, France, Senegal, China, Costa Rica and the United Kingdom. These popular trips are often financially out of reach for students from historically disadvantaged backgrounds, and are frequently the only study trip opportunities available for students with demanding study and work schedules during the academic year.
  • New American and Refugee Scholarships: Support a Saint Michael’s education for a member of the New American and refugee community in greater Burlington. These academic opportunities will build further connections between the CGE (through engaged learning, volunteerism, social justice projects, mentoring, etc.) and the local and growing New American community. Providing assistance and encouragement for the recently resettled upholds the Edmundite mission and traditions of hospitality, education and social justice.

Gifts of Time and Experience

There are so many ways to get involved with Saint Michael’s Center for Global Engagement, all of which are meaningful and valuable:

  • Offer international internship placement to SMC students with your business or non-profit (virtual or in-person)
  • Serve as a professional mentor to students interested in pursuing international careers
  • Share your experiences living or working abroad through a virtual or in-person campus presentation
  • Visit campus for classroom or campus speaking engagements related to internationalization
  • Instruct students in language, history or cultural traditions of your home or host country to assist them before or during travel
  • Socialize with international students at occasional on-campus events to make them feel welcome and included in the greater Burlington community

We are so grateful for your contributions of time, experience and financial support. With your help, we will enhance the lives, education and careers of Saint Michael’s students through exposure to the wide world, and bring the lessons learned globally to our campus community for the enrichment of all.

Please contact Professor Jeffrey Ayres, Director of the Center for Global Engagement at or 802-654-2680.