Global Eyes photography contest celebrates new perspectives

April 14, 2023
By Elizabeth Syverson '23
Global Eyes graphic

The photo behind the headline is “Vista de la Costa” by Kenzie Rowbotham ’24, from her studies in Spain.

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This year, Saint Michael’s College hosted the 22nd annual Global Eyes Contest in the Dailey Room of Durick Library. To enter the contest, students submitted photographs with a short caption from their time studying abroad that were subsequently matted and displayed in the Dailey Room. Four judges from the Department of Art and Design and the Digital Media and Communications Department then met to determine the winners of several different categories.

On April 13, the contest held a reception in the Dailey Room with delicious food and drink to honor the participants and announce the winners of each category.

While the contest acknowledged the technical skills of each student, it was clear that the contest was also about much more. The students shared how studying abroad changed their perspectives, and used their photography as a means to share these new perspectives with the Saint Michael’s community.

Peyton Edwards ‘23, winner of the Essence of Study Abroad Category for her photo titled “New Perspective,” stressed the importance of study abroad in creating new outlooks.

new Perspective

“New Perspective” by Peyton Edwards ’23, from Italy.

“Study abroad is so important because it gives students different experiences that they would never get here in the United States,” Edwards said. “It broadens perspectives.”

Like Edwards, Aisha Navarrete ‘23, winner in the People and the Human Spirit Category, The Kroger-Kirkstone Best of Show Award, and the Nature Category, said that studying abroad gave her new perspectives from both within and without the classroom.

“Meeting different types of people doesn’t only broaden your education, but it allows for more happiness and fulfillment,” Navarrete said. “I think the most beautiful part of studying abroad is learning that you don’t have to be fearless and that being outside of your comfort zone can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life.”

Winners of each category:

People’s Choice
“A Door to a World of Irish Wonder” by Megan Flaherty
Cork, Ireland

The Kroger-Krikstone Best of Show Award
“Trips from the Sardine Boat” by Aisha Navarrete
Zanzibar, Tanzania


Aisha Navarrete ’23 with her Best In Show photograph at Thursday’s Global Eyes event in Durick Library.

People and the Human Spirit
“Trips from the Sardine Boat” by Aisha Navarrete
Zanzibar, Tanzania

“Giardino delle Rosa” by Mackenzie Costello
Florence, Italy

“Endangered Endemic Monkey by Aisha Nevarrete
Zanzibar, Tanzania

City Life
“Glaswegian Style Solidarity” by Sam Mercer
Glasgow, Scotland

Culture Most Distinct from Saint Michael’s
“Happy Birthday to the Buddha” by Carson O’Neil
Seoul, South Korea

The Essence of Study Abroad
“New Perspective” by Peyton Edwards
Florence, Italy

Judges Appreciation
“Cinque Terre” by Mackenzie Costello
Riomaggiore, Italy

Best Written Caption
“Chasing the Sunset” by Sydney Nelson
Antibes, France

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